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Iran Funding To Terrorists

The world is facing a lot of terror from the multiple epidemics that are experienced but terrorism has been more deadly and terrifying hence topping the list. There are so many people affected and victimized by the state and act of terrorism and this has created more fear and makes it hard to determine and foretell the level of victimization tomorrow and the days to come. There are some countries who over the years has shown their allegiance to these terrorism organizations and they have been a source of terror to people living in the affected regions and countries. Iran has always been the number one country when it comes to funding and supporting these terrorists’ organizations. Iran funding to terrorism has been an act of atrocity to the world and the populaces.

There are so many and different reasons why Iran has over the years supported these terrorists and has continuously vowed their allegiance to these organizations but the most fundamental reason is the national power they acquire from these terrorists. It has always been clear that Iran has always funded and helped these terrorism organizations. They have also been training the terrorist recruits and availing all the necessitated weapons. Since majority of the terrorists are Muslims, they have had their sanctuaries in Iran and the Iranian government is aware and has engineered to the availability of these sanctuaries.

There are multiple terrorist groups in the world and Iran has close acquaintance with some of these groups. To Iran, these are non-state militias who have formed national liberation movements and their sole purpose is to defend the populaces against the Israeli. Therefore, Iran has faithfully availed safe harbors, training, funding and weapons to these groups or terrorism organizations.

Iran involvement is traced after the fall of Shah. This is where Iran formed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps who were delegated with the responsibility of overseeing and promoting government’s social policies. This enables the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to access other regions. This is where they started preaching their ideologies and beliefs to these regions availing both financial and combat training. In 1986, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had 350,000 members and a small air force and a naval force. This was just but the beginning and the organization through Iran Funding managed to acquire more ground forces as well as naval forces.

The US government has sanctioned the blacklisting of Iran from the trade unions and the trade lists and this has designated Iran to decide whether they should abhor supporting terror attacks and terrorism groups or not. Recently, The parliament of Iran has had meetings and sittings and opted for dismissing and boycotting from helping and funding these terrorists. Even after US sanctioning the boycotting of the Iran oil, dome countries like China and Russia are bypassing the sanction.

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